corsus sustainability

“Because we are passionate about making changes value-driven and convince you of sustainability.”

The goal of corsus is to help you to make your organization fit for the future. For us, future-proofing means aligning activities – business areas, organizational structures, political frameworks, campaigns – in such a way that they contribute to achieving the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Behind corsus stands a team of experts with experience in all matters of corporate responsibility (CR) and sustainability:

  • We support you in the strategy development for your organization.
  • We help you to develop sustainable business models.
  • We advise you to make value chains sustainable.
  • We identify sustainability hotspots.
  • We accompany product development processes.
  • We help you to use digitization for the sustainable overall development of your company.
  • We support you in implementing effective corruption prevention.
  • We accompany you in the international expansion of your business activities – especially to Latin America.

Through our wide-ranging know-how in terms of

  • Organizations: municipalities, federal / state governments, NGOs, companies
  • Industries: e.g. Agri-food, textiles, mechanical engineering, Aviation, Automotive,  IT / digitization, construction industry, waste management
  • Fields of action: e.g. sustainable consumption, sustainable production, sustainable nutrition, new technologies, sustainable temporary spaces, urban development
  • Instruments: e.g. Life Cycle Assessment, Sustainability Assessment, Economy for the common good , Sustainability Reporting, Corruption Prevention, Computer Aided Engineering (CAE), Digital Benchmarks, Organizational Development, Process and Project Management

As well as our link to research, we offer you almost everything from a single source – and where your requirements exceed our expertise, we can guarantee you the right partner from our broad network.