Wide range of consulting services on sustainable development

We have three fields of activity: “Sustainable companies and organizations”, “Sustainable municipalities” and “Sustainable food systems”. Our work and our commitment in all fields of activity are based on the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations and the values of the Economy for the Common Good. After all, with our consulting and activities we want to make a contribution to achieving the globally recognized Sustainable Development Goals and thus also contribute to the common good. To provide competent and customer-oriented consulting, we rely on transdisciplinary teams with diverse backgrounds in environmental, economic and social issues.

corsus consults different stakeholders on questions and approaches to sustainable development

Expertise, passion and experience:

We accompany you on your way to sustainable development. We conceptualize, design, moderate, question, model and stand by your side when challenges arise. To this end, we draw on decades of experience and expertise in sustainability. A socio-ecological transformation of companies, organizations, municipalities and food systems is of central importance to us.