Making food systems more sustainable is a core task for achieving greater sustainability worldwide.

The sustainable design of our food systems is essential in order to implement the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) of the United Nations. It is a key element in achieving sustainable development.

Our food has a central influence on climate change, the use of freshwater resources, the eutrophication of ecosystems and the loss of biodiversity, and especially on health and well-being. The way in which our food is produced contributes decisively to exceeding the planetary boundaries.

A basis for the development of strategies for social-ecological change in society with regard to the environment, nutrition and health in Germany was laid at the beginning of 2000 with the “Ernährungswende” project, which was coordinated by Ulrike Eberle.

corsus analyses global food systems and develops strategies for a social-ecological change.

We identify levers to reduce the negative effects of foods, meals or entire nutrition systems. Based on our many years of experience, we understand the interactions between different types of approaches such as regional, seasonal, plant- and meat-based nutrition and how they affect the environment, humans and animals.

Your contact person

Dr. Ulrike Eberle


With our repertoire of methods we point out conflicting goals and develop strategies to solve them:

  • We work for non-governmental organisations (NGOs), develop concepts and strategies, calculate environmental and social impacts to provide the scientific basis for campaigns.
  • We carry out research and consulting projects to close knowledge gaps for the implementation of sustainable food systems.
  • We advise producers and service providers in the food sector on the development of sustainable food products, analyse supply chains and support the development of company-specific sustainability strategies.
  • We advise municipalities and other public actors on how a socio-ecological transformation of food systems can be implemented at the political and municipal level, which management instruments are most effective and which measures are most appropriate.
  • We competently moderate your event on food topics, e.g. panel discussions, stakeholder events or in-house workshops.