Implementing sustainability

In order to remain successful in the future, companies and organisations are required today more than ever to operate sustainably. Taking ecological and social responsibility for business activities, including the supply chain, has long ceased to be a “nice to have”, but is now an absolute necessity in order to remain competitive in the market tomorrow.

corsus consults companies and organisations on their way to more sustainability.

Due to our large repertoire of methods, we can carry out life cycle assessments and carbon footprints as well as sustainability analyses and evaluations at product and company level, provide advice on the development, implementation and realisation of sustainability strategies, prepare sustainability reports, develop “common good balance sheets”, assess impacts on biodiversity or advise on human rights due diligence in the supply chain.

Your contact persons

Dr. Ulrike Eberle


Dr. Anke Butscher


Our services:

We calculate life cycle assessments or carbon footprints of your product or service according to ISO 14040/44 or ISO 14067 or your corporate carbon footprint according to ISO 14064 or the Greenhouse Gas Protocol.

If you want to publish the results of your product life cycle assessment or use them for marketing purposes, ISO 14040/44 requires a critical review. A critical review is also recommended for product and company life cycle assessments. We will be happy to support you as a committee chair or panel member.

corsus analyses and evaluates the impact of your company, organisation or product on environment and society. For this purpose, we use a wide range of methods such as life cycle assessment (eLCA), social life cycle assessment (sLCA) or material flow cost accounting (MFCA) and evaluate your contribution to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations.

We assess and evaluate companies according to the ECG-matrix and the ECG-Manual 5.0, we identify potential for improvement and moderate and model the process of accounting and reporting. This is done either in an individual consulting process or with several companies in a peer evaluation.

We support you with analyses of economic and social sustainability for your product or the companies involved along the supply chain. We carry out social life cycle assessments (sLCA) or analyse the economic sustainability of your products using life cycle costing (LCC) and material flow cost accounting (MFCA). Using the sustainability assessment method SDG Evaluation of Products (SEP), we can show you transparently where you contribute how much to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations.

corsus consults companies and organisations on the design of their sustainability strategy, which takes up the main challenges and is in the context of the expectations of the stakeholders.​

We support companies in the conception and design of sustainability reports and develop suitable targets and indicators according to one of the recognised reporting standards (German Sustainability Code – DNK, Global Reporting Initiative – GRI or Economy for the Common Good – ECG).

We support companies and organisations in the design and optimisation of development and planning processes. In order to design processes constructively and to involve the key stakeholders, we offer professional and authentic moderation of events and workshops.

We analyse human rights risk factors in supply chains and advise you on how to ensure human rights due diligence in your processes. Using the sustainability assessment method SDG Evaluation of Products (SEP), we can show you transparently where and how much you contribute to achieving the human rights-relevant sustainability goals of the United Nations.