Strategies for sustainability in municipalities and politics.

Local authorities can play an important role in the discourse on socio-ecological change, as they are the nucleus of our society. They are economic actors and authors of the normative framework. The needs and potential of companies, organisations, associations and citizens come together in the municipalities and regions. If local authorities actively take on their role, this can lead to approaches for social transformation and regional “critical potential” for a just and interconnected world.

corsus advises municipalities, counties and municipal companies on the identification of key sustainability issues and on the localisation and implementation of the UN Sustainable Development Goals in politics and administration.

corsus assists them in identifying the levers, the strategic direction and central aspects of sustainable municipal and urban development, designs and accompanies dialogues with important groups of municipal actors and advises political mandate holders and the administration of municipalities and districts. corsus transfers the strategic orientation into monitoring processes and reporting on sustainability issues at municipal and district level.

Your contact person

Dr. Anke Butscher


Our services:

We calculate the CO2 footprint for municipalities and districts, develop clear reduction targets and discuss them with politicians and administrators. We identify concrete municipal measures in order to have an effect on the achievement of the targets.

We carry out qualitative and quantitative surveys of the sustainability performance of cities and municipalities. The 17 Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations provide the reference framework.

We carry out common good balance sheets of cities and municipalities together with administration and politics according to the ECG-Matrix and the ECG-Workbook for Municipalities 2.0, identify improvement potentials and moderate and model the process of balancing.

We consult and support politicians and administrators on sustainability, clarify the participation of stakeholders and identify important drivers of municipal change processes. We strategically integrate insights and findings from the common good balance sheet and the qualitative and quantitative assessments of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals into municipal practice.

We design participation processes, design and control the various phases of the process, analyse the relevant stakeholders and moderate your events and workshops with heart and mind.