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Sustainability strategies for social-ecological change

corsus accompanies you on your way to more sustainability. We give you impulses for innovations and advise you on development and strategy processes. We offer practical solutions that take future trends into account and support you in their concrete implementation.

We are convinced that a social-ecological change in the sense of the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations is urgently needed and we are pleased to support and accompany you in this process.

“We are enthusiastic about making value-oriented changes and inspiring you to embrace sustainability.”

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Nynke Hack introduces herself

Nynke Hack introduces herself: Four questions for Nynke Hack, who joined corsus as a consultant in May 2021.
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corsus involved in method development for biodiversity in life cycle assessments

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Although the protection and promotion of biodiversity is one of the greatest challenges of our time, it is difficult to measure the impact of products and services on biodiversity. Dr. Ulrike Eberle, Managing partner of corsus, has been involved in developing a method to estimate the impact on biodiversity for life cycle assessments.
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Bürger:innenrat Klima has adopted recommendations to politicians

Dr. Ulrike Eberle from corsus acted as expert advisor to the Bürger:innenrat Klima on the topic of food systems. The results are now online.