Reporting / Analysis / Sustainability Assessment – we analyze, evaluate and report

Global Reporting Initiative
German Sustainability Condex
Global Compact
Welfare economics
sustainability review/ evaluation
Critical reviews of sustainability reports

LCA – Life Cycle Analysis – we model and calculate

Life cycle assessments and climate balance sheets
Social Life Cycle Assessments
Life cycle cost analysis
Critical Reviews

Empirical social research – we evaluate and interview

Collection of qualitative and quantitative facts and data
Analysis and interpretation of facts and data
Conducting quantitative evaluations

Organizational development – we moderate and accompany processes

Sensitization and implementation
Sustainability management in the company

Digital processes – we observe and optimize

Technology scouting / market monitoring
Analysis of your value chain

Standards and standards – we work in a qualified and sound manner

Life Cycle Assessment Standards (ISO 14040/44, ISO 14064, ISO / TS 14067, ISO 14046, Greenhouse Gas Protocol)
UNEP / SETAC Guidelines for Social LCA
Environmental Product Declarations (EPD) according to DIN ISO 14025 / DIN EN 15804

Methods – we enliven through precise facilitation skills

Process, dialogue, planning and implementation
Results assurance and action plan
Target and process orientation

Training and further education – we qualify sustainably

Corruption prevention
Sustainable Development Goals
Sustainability reporting
Sustainable Development strategy