The city after Corona

What are the consequences of the changes on planning and life in cities? In the newly published book "Die Stadt nach Corona" (The City after Corona) by Doris Kleinlein and Friederike Meyer, the two editors asked architects, urban planners and other actors from academia and practice to venture an outlook on the city after Corona. Friederike Meyer interviewed Anke Butscher and Bárbara Calderón Gómez-Tejedor about the common good economy in municipalities and new values in urban development.
Holzhammer, Gericht, Recht, procurement lawersteigerungPhoto by Tingey Injury Law Firm on Unsplash

corsus at the 8th German Procurement Day

The annual congress is the leading event of the DVNW (Deutsches Vergabenetzwerk) Akademie GmbH on questions of public procurement and public procurement law. This year, it took place again in Berlin on Friday the, 5th of November. The Procurement Day addresses representatives of public contracting authorities, private sector companies, the legal system, politics and science related to the topic. via

Greenhouse gas emissions of digital advertising measures

Digital advertising is on the rise, but the climate impact of digital advertising has been poorly studied. For example, net sales of digital advertising in Germany have more than tripled in the last 8 years. On behalf of the green electricity provider LichtBlick, corsus has now investigated the greenhouse gas emissions of digital advertising measures.
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