Diversity for the transformation of the food system

2020 / 21 is the Science Year of the Bioeconomy. The aim is to show "which bioeconomic approaches science and research can already use today to help achieve the Sustainable Development Goals". In the column "Heads of Change", experts provide insights into research approaches and questions that arise with regard to the necessary socio-ecological change. Dr Ulrike Eberle from corsus is one of these experts.

Ulrike Eberle as a guest on the Scientists for Future Podcast

In the current episode of the Scientists for Future podcast, Dr. Ulrike Eberle, together with WWF Germany's Tanja Dräger de Teran, presents the sometimes surprising results of the study on water consumption.

Marius Rödder introduces himself

Marius Rödder introduces himself: Four questions for Marius Rödder, who joined corsus as a consultant in July 2021.
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