International Food LCA Conference from the 13th-16th October 2020. Join us!

The International Food LCA Conference will take place from 13th to the 16th of October 2020. This year the conference has the motto "towards sustainable agri-food systems". corsus is one of the four organizers of the conference this year.

New work book 2.0 to the ECG balance sheet of municipalities was released

The new workbook 2.0 for the common good balance sheet of municipalities analyzes municipalities and cities on the basis the values human dignity, solidarity, ecological sustainability, social justice and transparency and co-decision.

Foundation of the corsus-corporate sustainability GmbH

At the end of 2019, Dr. Ulrike Eberle and Dr. Anke Butscher founded corsus-corporate sustainability GmbH. The two managing partners have been working together in a partnership for a long time.
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