Porträtfoto Verena TimmerJackstädt-Stiftung

Verena Timmer introduces herself

Four questions for Verena Timmer, who started as Senior Consultant at corsus in September 2023. Read the short interview with the sustainability consultant.
Approach to the calculation of environmental impacts of foodcorsus GmbH

The Taste of the Future. Culinary Compass for a Healthy Planet Methodology report

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WWF Germany has published the methodology report on the study conducted by corsus on the environmental impact of nutrition. The method report on the culinary compass for a health-promoting diet within planetary boundaries is available for download.
Nutrition within planetary boundariesWWF Germany

Sustainable food within planetary boundaries

WWF Germany has published an English summary of the results of the study conducted by corsus on the environmental impact of nutrition. The culinary compass for health-promoting nutrition within planetary boundaries is available for download

Lecture by Dr. Ulrike Eberle in the Paul-Löbe Haus on Climate-Friendly Food and Drink

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On 6 July 2023, Dr Ulrike Eberle gave a presentation on the calculation method and data basis of food labels to members of the German Bundestag as part of the 'Together for Carbon Labelling' (TCL) initiative at the hybrid event 'Climate-Friendly Food and Drink
Nachhaltigkeitskonzept Studentenwerk SH Glühbirne um PflanzeStudentenwerk Schleswig-Holstein

Studentenwerk SH develops sustainability concept

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The new sustainability concept, developed jointly by employees and student representatives, identifies six fields of action that will shape the work of the Studentenwerk in the coming years.
Anke Butscher im Publikum des Kommunalkongresses Nachhaltigkeit aktiv gestalten – die Kommunen gehen voran!Foto: Sebastian Pfütze / Bertelsmann Stiftung (Ausschnitt)

Sustainability, the common good and sustainable procurement: corsus workshops at the Municipal Congress and the Fair Congress

Anke Butscher offered a workshop on "Sustainability and the Common Good in Practice" at the Municipal Congress under the motto "Actively Shaping Sustainability - Municipalities Lead the Way". In addition, corsus offered a workshop on "Fair procurement in the context of the 2030 Agenda and the basics of fair procurement" at the Fair Congress 2023 - Fair beschaffen - einfach machen! in Erfurt.
Logo corsus researchcorsus research gUG

Founding of corsus research gUG- RESEARCH FOR A SOCIAL-ECONOMIC CHANGE

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Dr. Anke Butscher & Dr. Ulrike Eberle founded the non-profit corsus research gUG for research for social ecological change.
LebensmitteleinkäufeMaria Lin Kim via unsplash

Development of the methodological concept for the Lower Saxony Climate Label started.

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On behalf of the University of Göttingen, corsus is developing a comprehensive methodological concept for labelling as part of the project "EEKlim - Development and testing of a climate label in Lower Saxony".
Anke Butscher moderiert Auftakt der Dialogreihe „Wirtschaft gestaltet Zukunft“corsus

Kick-off dialog series „Wirtschaft gestaltet Zukunft“ („Economy shapes the future“)

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corsus Managing Director Dr. Anke Butscher and Senior Consultant Julius Wenzig moderated the kick-off event of the "Economy Shapes the Future" dialog series at Hamburg City Hall on April 21, 2023.
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