corsus presents at the German Citizens’ Climate Council

Following the example of France and Great Britain, there is now also a Citizens' Climate Council in Germany. The task of the Citizens' Council, which consists of 160 randomly selected citizens, is to jointly discuss how "compliance with the German climate protection targets can be achieved fairly for all". They will be accompanied by "leading experts from science and business". Dr Ulrike Eberle from corsus is one of these experts. She will speak this evening at the Citizens' Council on food and climate change and recommendations for sustainable nutrition.
Stadt LübeckPhoto by Leonie Krickhuhn on Unsplash

Common good balance sheet of the city of Stockelsdorf

The city of Stockelsdorf starts its common good balance sheet with a kick-off workshop involving its administration.

Cornerstones of the Common Good Balance Sheet in Municipalities – New Approaches to Urban Development

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Dr. Anke Butscher provides insight in her talk at the Deutscher Stadtmarketingtag 2021 on how the Economy for the Common Good can be used in Sustainable Urban Development.
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