Call for Papers on Sustainable Food Systems

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Papers for a Special Issue of the International Journal of Life Cycle Assessment on ‘The Role of Developing and Emerging Economies in Sustainable Food Systems’ can be submitted until 1 July 2022.
Nico Mumm Forschung bioval Beratung corsus

Nico Mumm introduces himself

Nico Mumm introduces himself: Four questions for Nico Mumm, who joined corsus as a senior consultant in February 2020.

Canteens: Speech by corsus on the environmental impact of nutrition

What are the characteristics of environmentally friendly and health-promoting communal catering? How can kitchens and guests be won over for such catering? And how are the general conditions, the guests' wishes and the fundamental orientation of company and university catering currently changing? corsus provided information on the environmental impact of food at the final event of ‘umEssKantine’ .
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