A mission statement for the Bastauniederung model region – successful conclusion of the moderation process

For the district of Minden-Lübbecke, corsus accompanied and moderated the process of developing a model for the peatland location Großes Torfmoor and Bastauniederung. Together with stakeholders from agriculture, nature conservation, water management and tourism, a mission statement was developed that contains the objectives and framework for the future development and design of the Bastaunierderung model region.

Leitbildprozess Zukunft Moor – Modellregion Bastauniederung

After various workshops and public participation, the vision was finalised at the beginning of the year. During the process, the interests and ideas of local politicians and citizens were taken into account, as well as those of local farmers, water and forestry managers and nature conservationists. The public event was very well attended with over 100 participants. A large number of citizens also took part in the online participation, most of whom came directly from the region. There was a high level of approval for the pre-formulated focal points, so that the fine-tuning of the mission statement could be carried out at the third stakeholder working group at the end of last year. After feedback from the representatives in the stakeholders’ working group with their respective institutions, this mission statement was finalised at the fourth stakeholders’ working group in February 2023. This special moment was duly celebrated with a non-alcoholic sparkling wine. The final round with a review of the entire facilitation process also made it clear how much could be achieved through the process. The special feature of a community mission statement was appreciated by all participants and the hope and confidence expressed that this will support the intended follow-up process in a goal-oriented way.
This future perspective was underpinned by two other aspects. In January, the best-practice event was held, at which measures already being tested or implemented, but also obstacles encountered in the process, were discussed. Contributions were made by Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Joosten, one of the most renowned peatland researchers in Germany (University of Greifswald and Greifswald Moor Centrum), Ms Ute Ojowski from the Schleswig-Holstein Foundation for Nature Conservation, the Landvolk Osterholz and local journalists. This event also met with lively interest and found its way into the local press. In the final round, the central importance of peatland protection was acknowledged, but the need to point out solutions for agriculture was also emphasised. The challenges ahead were clearly identified in order to achieve ecologically and economically balanced regional development. All results from the vision process and the best practice event were taken up at the end of the 4th stakeholder working group in order to collect measures for a follow-up process based on them. The participants and the circle agreed on responsibilities and working groups. These are already active and preparing to realise the Bastauniederung model region.
corsus wishes good luck for the implementation of the model in the follow-up process!

"Modellregion Bastauniederung" Zukunft Moor

The moderation process was part of the project “Erlebnisraum Weserlandschaft” within the Regionale 2022 UrbanLand OWL, commissioned by corsus from the district of Minden-Lübbecke.

Duration: July 2021 – February 2023

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