Corsus is working with municipal business development agencies to set up advisory services on fair business practices

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Companies have a significant impact on the lives of people at the site of their operations and along their supply chains. They can meet this responsibility with fair and sustainable business practices, whether through family-friendly working conditions on site or occupational health and safety and appropriate pay at supplier companies.
Economic development is located at the interface between administration and business and acts in the regional network at the point where supply and demand come together to create sustainable and innovative solutions. It supports fair and sustainable economic activity in the region and in local businesses, e.g. by attracting sustainable companies to the region or by helping companies to become more sustainable and to comply with new legal requirements.
On behalf of the Service Agency for Communities in One World (SKEW) and in cooperation with the GEFAK Gesellschaft für angewandte Kommunalforschung mbH (Society for Applied Municipal Research), corsus is developing modules that seamlessly integrate the topic of fair business practices into the areas of responsibility of business development. These modules are then implemented on a pilot basis with around eight business development agencies of different sizes and orientations.
One component is the development of an advisory service on reliable and stable supply chains. The aim of the information and advice is to enable business development agencies to familiarize companies with the principles of fair trade and economic activity. In this way, companies should act in a value-oriented manner and be able to proactively adapt to upcoming regulatory requirements.
Other offerings include:
– Alignment of the settlement policy with sustainability criteria
– Establishing entry-level consulting on human rights due diligencet and sustainability reporting
– Networking with city and tourism marketing to promote sales and visibility of sustainable businesses and products
– Integrate sustainable business management into startup consulting.
– Focus on sustainable food value chains: strengthen regional supply chains while establishing fair and reliable global trade partnerships.

Business development organizations can join now and take advantage of the offerings free of charge and help shape the future. Contact for more information: Dr.-Ing. Krishan Gairola,

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