All is well behind the dyke

In a newly published book article with the title “Hinterm Deich wird alles gut”, Dr. Anke Butscher of corsus reports on the balancing process she accompanied in the three municipalities of Klixbüll, Bordelum and Breklum according to the criteria of the Economy for the Common Good (ECG).

The mayors of the three municipalities had decided, after a meeting of various mayors, members of municipal councils and representatives of municipal enterprises from the region of North Friesland, to have themselves balanced according to the ECG for a value-oriented review of their commitment to the community. Although the process was initially perceived as a challenge, all municipalities are now using the momentum to align their decisions more and more consistently with the values of ECG and the UN Sustainable Development Goals. The success story of the three municipalities was also presented in a documentary film with the same title as the book contribution, from which the quotes in the book contribution are also taken.

The article is part of the book “24 wahre Geschichten vom Tun und vom Lassen: Gemeinwohl-Ökonomie in der Praxis”, which was published by oekom Verlag and uses 24 examples to show how the values of the Economy for the Common Good can be lived in practice and become a financial success factor. More information about the book can be found at the following link:

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