Anke Butscher moderates the 7th stop on the Schleswig-Holstein Energy Tour about ground ice storage for the energy transition

The 7th stop of the “Energy Tour Schleswig-Holstein” on the topic of “How to renewably heat a new development area with ground ice storage and cold local heating” took place on 22 March in Schleswig. Anke Butscher moderated the discussion with four panellists and over 150 representatives from local authorities, institutions, companies and citizens. The aftermovie shows impressions of the new “An den Wichelkoppeln” neighbourhood and lets the main players have their say.

All of the stops on the “Energy Tour Schleswig-Holstein” will provide examples of how the energy transition can be realised in a way that everyone can understand. The events offer space and time for visualisation as well as for questions and discussions to understand new forms of heat supply and renewable energies.

The 7th station focussed on the following questions:

How does a ground ice storage system and cold local heating work?
What are the prerequisites for this?
How is this form of heat supply accepted and who uses it?
And how does all this contribute to the energy transition?

These questions were answered by four key players in the project, starting with Thorsten Bock, Head of Technical Sales at Stadtwerke SH and responsible for the project. Mr Bock discussed the motivation for cold local heating and underground ice storage in Schleswig, explained the implementation of the project and gave a concrete outlook for further development. Prof Dr Stockinger from the Technische Hochschule Nuremberg Georg Simon Ohm then went into more detail. He is the Managing Director of Energie Plus Concept, which is realising the project and providing scientific support. In front of the camera, the engineer mentioned, among other things, the potential of the ground ice storage system to store coolness for the summer months.

Group photo (from left to right): Dr Anke Butscher, Melanie Wietasch, Bernward Völmicke, Prof. Dr Ing Stockinger & Thorsten Bock

Bernward Völmicke, Head of the Building Department of the City of Schleswig, answered questions about the selection and development of the building site for the city’s heat planning. In an interview for the aftermovie, the city planner talks about the extreme flooding of the Schlei in October 2023, which was the decisive factor in breaking new ground in the fight against climate change and for a climate-neutral Schleswig.

Finally, Melanie Wietasch, owner of a house in the Wichelkoppeln and proud user of the heat from the Erdeisspeicher, reported on her experiences and emphasised that the residents of the new development area can turn on their heating as normal.

A chat over coffee and cake was followed by a visit to the technology centre. Here, the technology for underground ice storage and cold local heating could be scrutinised.

The eighth stop on the Schleswig-Holstein energy tour will take place on 7 June on the topic of “Bioenergy for reliable heat and a secure energy supply” at Bonnhoff Buchenhof Bioenergie GmbH & Co. KG. Online registration is possible until the end of May.

The energy tour with its current and all previous stops was essentially jointly developed and realised by Watt 2.0, the renewable energy industry association – represented by Mai-Inken Knackfuß – in cooperation with the Schleswig-Holstein Ministry of Energy – represented by Florian Wetzig.

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