City of Stockelsdorf starts with common good balance sheet

The city of Stockelsdorf starts its common good balance sheet according to the new matrix 2.0 and the GWÖ workbook for municipalities with a kick-off workshop involving the administration at the beginning of May. As a city, it is going through an analysis process of its current administrative practices in relation to the common good values of human dignity, solidarity and justice, environmental sustainability, and transparency and co-decision. These values are framed with the state principles of the common good. From this, Stockelsdorf develops potentials for change for the common good, which can be anchored strategically and organizationally in the municipality. corsus advises and accompanies together with Gerd Lauermann the common good balancing of the city and the economy for the common good reporting with professional know how and manifold experience from other municipal consulting and balancing processes.

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