Cornerstones of the Common Good Balance Sheet in Municipalities – New Approaches to Urban Development

On the 4th of May 2021 the second part of the Deutscher Stadtmarketingtag 2021 will take place. The theme of the event is: DAS WIR IM ICH – stress test pandemic and the common future of our cities. In her presentation, Dr. Anke Butscher will present the approach of the economy for the common good and the central instrument of the common good balance sheet. With this approach, the municipalities actively engaged with their public procurement and analyzed their procurement practices according to ethical and ecological criteria. They looked at their budgetary and financial policies and asked how they could use their financial resources in a meaningful and sustainable way. In their dealings with employees, elected officials and volunteers, values such as the right to integrity, free development of the personality and gender are helpful. They examined the essential ethical values and principles as well as the relationship of the municipality to its citizens and questioned whether their services are oriented towards social and ecological criteria. Last but not least, they asked whether their activities were meaningful, for the people and for the socio-ecological environment. These questions largely coincide with the essential dimensions and approach of sustainable development – is a new benchmark for the attractiveness of cities developing here? Dr. Anke Butscher shows what answers the economy for the common good provides.

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