Urban Development Strategy Flensburg 2030

In June 2021, the Flensburg City Council decided to update an urban development strategy based on the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the New Leipzig Charter – the tranformative power of cities for the common good. The urban development strategy “Flensburg 2030” is intended to continue the existing Flensburg strategy from 2013 with alignment to the 17 SDGs and the requirements of the New Leipzig Charter for a just, green and productive city.

In this way, the urban development strategy “Flensburg 2030” opens up the possibility, in addition to the development of new objectives, to evaluate and combine conceptions and activities of the city with regard to sustainability and to align them with the SDGs of the Agenda 2030 and the New Leipzig Charter. The development process is conceived as a comprehensive two-year procedure in which the action program is jointly developed by politics, administration, actors of the urban society and residents within the framework of an extensive participation process. A Status-Quo analysis will work out where the city stands with regard to the 17 sustainability goals and the New Leipzig Charter. This will be translated into a strategic plan that includes a mission statement, guidelines, and strategic and operative goals. An extensive public relations campaign and participation of the inhabitants accompany the development of the catalog of goals and measures, the results and recommendations of which are incorporated into the resolutions of the Council Assembly. This comprehensive process corresponds to the size of the task. For the urban development strategy is intended to provide answers to the enormous challenges facing cities in the coming decades and to mobilize the transformative power of the city of Flensburg to address these future issues. Flensburg will design its transformation and its future terms of sustainability and common good.

With the development and adoption of the urban development strategy, a procedure for the continuation of sustainability management in the city of Flensburg will be established. This includes the development of a monitoring and a sustainability check to verify the implementation of the adopted goals and measures, the interlinkig of the municipal budget with the catalog of goals and measures of the urban development strategy and the regular evaluation and updating of the strategy. corsus accompanies the entire development of the strategy “Flensburg 2030” on behalf of the Service Agency Communities in One World (SKEW) within the framework of the program “Globally Sustainable Communities Schleswig-Holstein”.

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