corsus trains Saxon municipalities in sustainable IT procurement

The two-hour online training course on IT and IT products for Saxon municipalities took place on 11 March 2024. Dr Krishan Gairola from corsus conducted the training in collaboration with the Saxony Competence Centre for Sustainable Procurement.

IT and IT products are the linchpin of our working world, but their production is also associated with significant risks for people and the environment. This is why corsus and the Saxony Competence Centre for Sustainable Procurement chose precisely this product group for the first sustainability training course for those responsible for procurement in Saxony’s local authorities. Dr Krishan Gairola from corsus used the principles of “buy less”, “buy and use better” and “use longer” to address sustainability aspects along the three procurement steps of preparation, tendering and follow-up.

The training focussed on the use of quality seals in tenders and the exchange of information on challenges and solutions in day-to-day procurement. Specific examples of sustainability criteria and evaluation schemes as well as further sources of information rounded off the training.
corsus advises and supports cities and municipalities in the introduction and implementation of socio-ecological procurement. Based on the individual initial situation on site, corsus ensures the involvement of important stakeholders, creates training courses and guidelines and gets the implementation process underway.

The sustainable procurement competence centre of the Auftragsberatungsstelle Sachsen e.V. is planning further events on sustainable procurement, the dates are available on the website:

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