Emery Oleochemicals publishes sustainability report in accordance with GRI

Emery Oleochemicals has been manufacturing sustainable products for over 180 years. Today, more than ever, the company is committed to advancing its efforts to reduce its environmental footprint and promote social justice in order to support the habitability of the planet and the well-being of people. This endeavour is documented in emery’s sustainability report according to GRI – Engineered for Performance, Sustainable by Nature – which has now been published with the support of corsus.

emery’s approach to sustainability is based on the philosophy of “ACTING SUSTAINABLY”, which aims to develop sustainable methods for achieving long-term goals. At emery, acting responsibly for a sustainable future goes beyond compliance with legal regulations and strives to develop and follow best practices. To grow through sustainable and responsible action, emery invests in the continuous improvement of new methods, processes and facilities to ensure sustainable production on a global scale with minimal impact on the climate.

In order to systematise Emery Oleochemical’s sustainability management, a materiality analysis was carried out that enabled Emery to gain a clear understanding of the most critical economic, environmental and social issues, thereby highlighting the impact of its own business activities on sustainability (inside-out perspective) and the significance and risks of sustainability issues for its own business activities (outside-in perspective). Compliance, health and safety, product responsibility, resource efficiency, climate impact and working conditions were identified as material topics, which were then analysed and reported in accordance with GRI requirements. The sustainability report is a global approach for the American-German company and brings together the sustainability endeavours in Cincinnati, Loxstedt, Düsseldorf and Hong Kong. The report and long-term objectives were developed together with employees from the USA, Germany and Asia. In order to realise the sustainability vision, they were also aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

corsus advised and supported the overall process for the development and creation of the sustainability report and used the content developed to create the sustainability report. SchierRieger then transformed all the content into an extremely successful design.

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