Exchange hut opened in Kellinghusen

On 12 January 2020, the Kellinghusen office in the district of Steinburg opened the new and centrally located swap house in the pedestrian zone directly in front of the office building. The project to avoid waste and promote reuse was initiated by citizens and supported by the Service Agency Communities in One World (SKEW). The recycling working group was created as part of the Global Sustainable Municipality (GNK) project supported by corsus.


Axel Pietsch (from left), Jürgen Rebien and Barbara Breuer opened the swap centre. PHOTO: GISELA TIETJE-RÄTHER

On 15 June 2021, the Kellinghusen district committee decided to initiate a sustainability process in the district region with the involvement and participation of the citizens of all 19 municipalities and to establish itself as a globally sustainable municipality. The 2030 Agenda with its 17 global sustainability goals serves as the basis for the office and the 19 municipalities. The Agenda provides an ideal basis for the sustainability process thanks to its comprehensive catalogue of goals. In Kellinghusen, the goals are mainly looked at from a local perspective, with the attempt being made to recognise the interdependencies of the official region on a global level. Kellinghusen has thus made the 17 goals its own, developed its own vision for implementation in the region and is thus making an active contribution to achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

In cross-municipal conferences, citizens dealt with the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals and the 169 sub-goals. Six key UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG 4, SDG 7, SDG 10, SDG 12, SDG 13 and SDG 15) were prioritised for the official region. In three cross-municipal working groups that met regularly, citizens developed key levers for the region with concrete implementation steps and measures.

For example, Barbara Breuer and Cornelia Schmidt are involved in the consumption and production working group on the topics of recycling and upcycling. Well-preserved items such as crockery or toys can be passed on free of charge via the swap house. Volunteer patrons regularly look after the wooden house, which is open daily from 9.30 am to 4 pm. Jürgen Rebien, Chief Administrative Officer of Kellinghusen, and Axel Pietsch, Mayor of Kellinghusen, attended the inauguration. The exchange centre is already well stocked and contributes to the change from a throwaway society to more appreciation and recycling.

corsus has supported and advised the Kellinghusen council and its committed citizens from the very beginning in setting goals, planning measures and realising them. We are delighted that the swap centre is up and running and hope it will be actively used.

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