Interview: Felix Lücking introduces himself

Four questions for Felix Lücking, who joined corsus in October 2023 as Consultant

What did you do before you joined corsus?

Before I (now again) started working at corsus, I studied business administration at the university of applied sciences FH Wedel. I also worked as a student trainee at corsus and for the Schöttmer Institute. Before my studies, I trained as a ski instructor.

corsus advises on sustainability. What do you associate with sustainability?

One of the first things you learn as a business economist is that companies should not live and operate on substance. For example, machines are depreciated from their renewed acquisition costs in the future to ensure that the substance of the company is maintained and not consumed. What is a matter of course at the business level, we have not yet understood at the macro-economic level. So, for me, sustainability means not living and operating on substance, i.e. not at the expense of future generations. It means meeting our needs in a way that ensures the satisfaction of the needs of future generations.

Is there a topic that is particularly close to your heart?

Personally, nutrition is particularly close to my heart. Not only because I like to cook and especially eat in my free time, but also because our diet has an immense impact on our health and also the health of our planet.

What are you currently working on at corsus?

At corsus, I’m working with Marius Rödder in particular on carbon footprinting. I’m looking forward to learning a lot of new things and being able to contribute my knowledge.

Felix Lücking
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