Future Moor – a moderation process that combines climate protection, natural balance, sustainability and future issues

Peatlands are increasingly coming into focus in the climate protection debate. They not only have the property of storing carbon dioxide in the peat body. They offer a unique natural setting, with plants and animals that are highly specialized and adapted to this particular site. At the same time, peatlands have been severely degraded; they have been drained to obtain agricultural land, the peat has been removed, and in many places former peatland soils are being farmed.

Common sundew

The district of Minden-Lübbecke has an extended moor landscape, which is characterized by various protected areas, but is also used extensively and intensively for agricultural purposes. Like many other peatlands in Germany, this area faces the major question and challenge of how to reconcile a protection concept and the concerns of the local population and other actors inside the area. Therefore, the district initiated a moderation process. The aim is to create a jointly developed basic principle, equally represented by all. The principle shall provide realistic perspectives for the future.

The district of Minden-Lübbecke entrusted corsus with the moderation of the process. The focus is on the superordinate level of the basic principle in order to take a neutral, comprehensive look at the big picture. Commonalities and elements of the basic principle are identified through interviews, various workshops and public relations work, thereby forming the basis of the process. At the end of the project, the jointly agreed mission statement is drawn up.

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