Joint action for sustainable development

Joint action for sustainable development: corsus participates in new platform of the German Council for Sustainable Development.

The challenges around climate protection, biodiversity and human rights are manifold, but together we can commit to a sustainable society and achieve the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). With its new platform Joint action for sustainable development, the German Council for Sustainable Development helps to make existing commitment visible and to network actors. corsus has recently been registered there as a sustainability consultancy for social-ecological change.
The aim of the project initiated by the German federal and state governments is to promote sustainability within the framework of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals. To this end, organizations from business, politics, science and civil society are brought together to develop innovative solutions. In this way, it is possible to search specifically for actors or activities in the joint work of sustainability. Soon there will be a search-bid function, a calendar of events and a collection of best-practice examples. Starting this year, the German Action Days on Sustainability, which are currently taking place for the tenth time, will also be part of Joint action for sustainable development. Local, regional and nationwide community goals are intended to help join forces and achieve great things in terms of sustainability. The focus topic at the federal level in 2023 will be sustainable building and housing. Furthermore, awards through the Sustainability Project and innovation competitions are planned. The Community Sustainability Roadmap outlines many more ideas for collaboration and is open to suggestions. corsus is looking forward to the possibilities of the network and the cooperation with other actors for a sustainable transformation of companies and communities as well as the shaping of the food revolution.

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