Four questions to Julius Wenzig about the project Climate Campaign for the Manufacturing Industry for the Ministry of Economics and Innovation (BWI) of Hamburg

What was this project about?

The Hamburg Ministry for Economics and Innovation (BWI) commissioned corsus and SCHIERRIEGER to develop the key points of a communication campaign on climate protection for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) located in Hamburg. The campaign is intended to enable SMEs to adequately prepare for the increasing climate protection requirements. The funds for the campaign come from the Hamburg Climate Plan, which aims to achieve the city’s climate protection goals. The focus was on developing a campaign that has a low-threshold and addresses SMEs directly in the commercial areas via events.

How did you proceed?

We first conducted qualitative interviews with experts from the Chamber of Trade and Commerce, the UmweltPartnerschaft (Environmental Partnership) and the Investment and Development Bank (IFB),. This was important to us because they have been working closely with SMEs on climate protection issues for many years and could give us important insights into the target group. Based on these findings, we held a workshop with the district business development agencies and those responsible for climate protection management in order to validate the findings we had gathered and enrich them with the specific circumstances in the districts. In addition, we analysed statistical data of the SMEs of the manufacturing industry as well as the most important commercial locations of the Hamburg districts via the city’s geo-information system.

What was the biggest challenge in the project?

In the city of Hamburg there are many different actors already working on climate protection in companies. Of course, it is not easy to find a common approach that takes all interests into account and is supported by everyone. That’s why at the beginning of the project we placed great emphasis on involving as many of these actors as possible and taking on board their experiences and wishes. Through intensive exchange, I think we have succeeded in integrating the actors.

Where do we go from here?

We have coordinated the final report with the key points of the communication campaign with BWI. Now BWI is taking the controls again. If the budget negotiations with the Senate are successful, the implementation of the campaign will be outsourced again. For us, it was an exciting project on climate protection in Hamburg and we are happy to support BWI with further advice.

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