Kick-off for the integrated urban development strategy Flensburg 2030

On 23.04.2022, the members of the steering group met for their first meeting. 38 stakeholders from urban society and politics from the fields of social affairs, ecology, economy, governance, culture, integration, international affairs and science are working on developing an integrated sustainability strategy for Flensburg until 2023. The steering group is acting in an advisory capacity and is developing new municipal guiding principles as well as strategic and operational goals for Flensburg’s future direction.

Flensburg is guided by the 2030 Agenda and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the New Leipzig Charter. The 2030 Agenda calls on states to contribute to the transformation of our world, to become active and to jointly shape the world in an ecologically, socially and economically sustainable way from an equal, inclusive perspective. In their implementation, cities and municipalities form an important bridge between governments, communities and citizens. The New Leipzig Charter picks up on the transformative power of cities and addressed them as “green city, fair city and productive city.”
Six municipal action areas are targeted for Flensburg’s strategy.

  • Lifelong learning/ education
  • Health and social participation
  • Sustainable consumption and management
  • Sustainable mobility
  • Climate/environment and resource protection
  • Housing and sustainable neighborhoods.

The seventh field of action lays the foundation with the tangible and intangible assets regarding finances and land of the city of Flensburg.
The steering group defines the preservation of natural resources and life in dignity for all as guard rails and boundaries.
A broad citizen participation includes the visions and goals of the city society.

corsus accompanies and steers the overall development of Flensburg’s integrated sustainability strategy and advises on the contents and goals. We are very excited about the further process.

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