Krishan Gairola introduces himself

Four questions for Krishan Gairola, who joined corsus as a consultant in June 2022:

What did you do before you joined corsus?

I initially focused on more technical aspects of sustainability and studied energy and environmental engineering at the TU Hamburg. In the course of my doctorate, which revolved around the extraction of useful substances from biowaste, my interest shifted more and more to social processes and the question of how sustainable change can be stimulated and accompanied. Among other things, I have dealt with this question as a municipal climate protection manager and as a co-founder of a cultural and energy cooperative. Most recently, as a climate protection strategy consultant for schools in Hamburg, I was also involved in anchoring sustainable change. I particularly enjoyed the exchange in consulting situations and the creative aspect of strategy development.

Now, as a consultant at corsus with a focus on municipalities, I am even closer to the answer to the question: On the basis of trusting relationships, shared values and the linking of diverse sustainability aspects, we will succeed in achieving real change – for this I would like to contribute to corsus with verve and passion!

corsus advises on sustainability. What do you associate with sustainability?

I have two children and want them to have the same conditions for a good life as I had. Especially during stays abroad, I have experienced how unequally resources and access to education, health care, etc. are currently distributed. So at its core, sustainable development for me is about empathy. For our next, our fellow human beings, future generations and our environment. But it also makes me incredibly happy when I can do something meaningful together with others.

Is there a topic that is particularly close to your heart?

I believe that we as individuals and as societies still have a great deal of potential for a good and fulfilling life. At present, we are noticing more and more clearly that “business as usual” is not possible. This gives us the chance to pause, to question our routines and to consider what is important to us. Our happiness depends less on consumer choices and much more on appreciative relationships with ourselves, with others and with nature. I am convinced of this! Everything that contributes to this connectedness is close to my heart.

What are you currently working on at corsus?

My focus is advising municipalities on sustainability strategies. I am just starting out and working my way into the many exciting projects. Right now I am writing sustainability guidelines for a municipality in Schleswig-Holstein. In the coming weeks, I’ll be getting involved in more and more projects, and in the medium term I’ll be taking on project management responsibility for implementing sustainability at the municipal level.

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