Mission statement of the municipality of Hagen im Bremischen

On 12 September 2023, Anke Butscher presented the draft mission statement of the municipality of Hagen im Bremischen to the municipality’s economic and structural development committee. The mission statement was developed together with a cross-factional working group.

How should Living together look like? What values and principles should guide political decisions in the future? What is the vision and mission of the municipality of Hagen im Bremischen? To this end, the municipality, together with the politicians, set up a “Mission Statement Working Group” and commissioned corsus to develop the Letibild with the members of the working group. In several working sessions, the working group first dealt with the objectives and intentions of the mission statement. The social, political, economic and environmental challenges facing the communities of Hagen im Bremischen were discussed. Based on the challenges and the special features, central statements for the vision and the mission of the mission statement were developed and transferred into a mission statement. In order to involve politicians and the population as much as possible, Mrs. Butscher presented the mission statement to politicians and citizens in a public meeting of the Economic and Structural Development Committee and obtained initial positive feedback. Now the citizens are asked to comment on the draft mission statement over the next three weeks via the municipality’s website, Instragram or Facebook and to contribute their ideas. The ideas of the citizens will be incorporated into the mission statement. The proposed mission statement is then submitted to the council for a political vote. If the vote is positive, the mission statement can be filled with life and transferred to the concrete implementation and development of goals and measures. This is to be done in a broad participation process on the vision and mission of the mission statement.


Dr. Anke Butscher

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