Naturally Hamburg! – Germany’s first large-scale nature conservation project in a major city

The Naturally Hamburg! nature conservation project is something special. It is the first large-scale nature conservation project in a major city in Germany. It is spread over many different areas throughout the city. The project covers eight percent of Hamburg’s land area, encompassing over 19 nature reserves, 20 parks and green spaces, three biotope networks and the green spaces along four main roads. corsus accompanies the large-scale nature conservation project Naturally Hamburg! with the conception and moderation of events.

A major challenge in phase 1 of the project is to balance the different interests and demands of the various stakeholders, such as nature and environmental protection organisations, garden monument preservation, local citizens, associations, that are engaged in local activities, garden maintenance and the requirements of nature conservation. To this end, two rounds of workshop discussions were held with all seven districts of Hamburg, and dialogue labs and further workshops took place. Based on conservation and management plans for the areas, concrete measures in the individual areas were discussed in the workshop discussions. These conservation and management plans now form the basis for the overall conservation and management plan.

In parallel, the first products have already been realised, such as the app “Natürlich HH!” (Naturally Hamburg!), which presents areas and their biodiversity, and describes explained walks. Currently included, for example, are tours of the Boberger Niederung nature reserve, the Duvenstedter Brook, the Fischbeker Heide and the Schnaakenmoor, as well as two routes along the course of the Alster.

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