One year of employee bike leasing at corsus

Cycling is healthy and makes you happy. Admittedly, in Hamburg the prerequisite for both is that you have proper rain gear. But in return, you can leave every city centre traffic jam and every construction site behind. So it’s no wonder that the bicycle is very popular among corsus employees and that company outings also tend to take place by bike.

For the past year, employees have therefore had the opportunity to lease bicycles. The principle of leased company bicycles essentially follows that of company cars and has become increasingly popular in recent years. A reasonable monthly instalment is paid for the bike and associated insurance, and in return employees receive a bike of their choice that can be used for work and leisure and can be taken over at the end of the leasing period. A few years ago, the bikes became even more attractive in terms of tax compared to company cars – a good time to opt for a company bike.

At corsus, all company cyclists are quite happy with their bikes and enjoy comfortable, healthy and climate-friendly travel. We can therefore highly recommend company bikes, which can be obtained from a wide range of suppliers.

An interesting interim conclusion: the colour British Racing Green in particular, but also other shades of green, seem to have taken the employees’ fancy. So if a predominantly green fleet of bikes consisting of about a dozen people is spotted in Hamburg, chances are that corsus is on a company outing.

corsus Diensträder
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