Openness, trust and appreciation are the basis of our work at corsus

At the 2024 strategy meeting, the corsus team discussed our shared values, addressed current social challenges and future issues and adopted the strategy for the year. Based on the core values that corsus lives by in our daily work together, we are of course also taking part in the “Hamburg stands up – against right-wing extremism and neo-Nazi networks” demonstration on Jungfernstieg today.

In the second week of the new year, corsus GmbH held its strategy meeting with an overnight stay at Haus Rissen. Among other things, we scrutinised the values of corsus and discussed them with the growing team. The result: the values already formulated continue to underpin the team. In particular, unprejudiced openness, solidarity, trust and mutual appreciation are important to us in our daily interactions and in our work with clients, cooperation partners and in our numerous workshops.

We also worked on the vision and mission of corsus. One important result is that we see ourselves as an active part of civil society and take a stance on social issues. Respectful interaction at eye level and standing up for fundamental values are therefore part of this for us. That is why we are taking part in the demonstration “Hamburg stands up – against right-wing extremism and neo-Nazi networks” today. Because a defensive democracy is the prerequisite for the urgently needed socio-ecological transformation: “Arse huh, Zäng ussenander”!

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