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Seeberger GmbH is a family-owned company from Ulm, Germany, which sells dried fruits, nuts, seeds, baking ingredients and coffee from over 40 countries. Sustainability has been an integral part of Seeberger’s corporate philosophy and the Seeberger-quality for many years.

corsus has been advising Seeberger GmbH since 2013. corsus supported Seeberger in reporting on its sustainability strategy for the first time in 2013. Since then, a sustainability report has been produced at regular intervals. For the sustainability report, Seeberger follows the latest version of the Global Reporting Initiative. The sustainability strategy is now clearly aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations. For this purpose, the business activities were assigned to individual domains and classified on the basis of their contribution to the SDGs nations.

“corsus supported us in embedding our sustainability efforts in a sustainability strategy and consistently aligning them with the Sustainable Development Goals.”

Verena Schädler, Sustainability Officer and Executive Assistant.

With the support of corsus, Seeberger classified which topics are particularly important with a materiality matrix. With the matrix, sustainability issues can be evaluated according to their relevance for different stakeholders. An assessment based on the impact on the environment and people is also possible. In the development of the materiality matrix, employees and managers of Seeberger were involved in several workshops. Since then, the matrix has been continuously revised and updated in consultation with stakeholders.

A key sustainability issue at Seeberger is the impact on climate change at its own sites. For this purpose, corsus has been preparing the corporate carbon footprint for Seeberger since 2013 and proposes reduction measures each year. The first climate impact assessment in 2013 also marked the start of sustainability reporting. The target set to reduce emissions by 10% by 2018 was exceeded by 21%.

“corsus has been providing us with expertise on all sustainability topics for many years now and always updates us with the latest insights when consulting us on our sustainability strategy.”

Ralph Beranek, Managing Director

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