Moderation process in the landscape area Großes Torfmoor and Bastauniederung Future Moor – Model Region Bastauniederung

In the district of Minden-Lübbecke there is a large moorland area where extensive and intensive cultivation takes place and most of whose areas are under nature conservation. Peatlands are increasingly coming into focus in the climate protection debate. They not only have the property of storing carbon dioxide in the peat body. They offer a unique natural setting, with plants and animals that are highly specialised and adapted to this particular location. They are also a popular destination for local recreation and experiencing nature. At the same time, peatlands are severely degraded, they have been drained for agricultural land, peat has been removed and in many places agriculture takes place on former peatland soils.
In order to find out how the protection of the moorland can be reconciled with the interests of the local population and other stakeholders, the district of Minden-Lübbecke has decided to develop a model for the region. corsus GmbH was commissioned with the modelling of the participation process for the development of the mission statement. Together with stakeholders from agriculture, nature conservation, water management and tourism, among others, a model was developed on how the future of the area can be shaped in such a way that the various interests are adequately taken into account. In interviews and workshops with various stakeholders, commonalities and elements for a vision were identified, which formed the basis of the process. With the title “Model Region Bastauniederung”, the actors made it clear that their own regional development can become a model for other peatland landscapes. The diversity and structure of the landscape area and the landscape image should be emphasised and promoted. After various workshops and public participation, the vision was finalised at the beginning of 2023 and jointly adopted by all stakeholders.

News on the successful conclusion of the moderation process: A mission statement for the Bastauniederung model region

The moderation process was part of the project “Erlebnisraum Weserlandschaft” within the Regionale 2022 UrbanLand OWL. corsus was commissioned by the district of Minden-Lübbecke.

Duration: July 2021 – February 2023

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