Nature conservation project Krautsand

In the nature conservation project on the Elbe island of Krautsand, WWF is working as the project holder to improve and restore estuary-typical habitats. Krautsand is a special biotope because it is part of the funnel-shaped estuary of the Elbe, which is one of the largest estuaries (a river mouth exposed to the tide) in Europe. In Germany, it is the largest estuary. Around 150 rare animal and plant species are found here, including two endemic species, i.e. only found there. A large part of Krautsand is a European bird sanctuary, but at the same time it is a place inhabited and farmed by people.

As there are many different demands for use here, corsus has been accompanying the large-scale nature conservation project “Krautsand” since 2020 through moderation, capturing the positions of associations and local actors and promoting exchange and communication between different interest groups and those involved on site. This is because involving the various groups is a basic prerequisite for the success of the project.

Further information and the current status of the project can be found on the official project website:

The project is funded by the Federal Agency for Nature Conservation (BfN) with funds from the Federal Ministry for the Environment and the State of Lower Saxony. The contracting authority for corsus is the Lower Saxony State Agency for Water Management, Coastal and Nature Conservation (NLWKN).

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