Sustainability strategy of TEREG Gebäudedienste GmbH

Together with TEREG’s management, corsus has developed a sustainability strategy for the company. The strategy is based on a consideration of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and the interests of stakeholders and shareholders. The Supervisory Board approved the strategy at the end of 2022, and implementation is already underway. The process was designed by Anke Butscher and Julius Wenzig.

TEREG had published a sustainability report in accordance with the German Sustainability Code (DNK) for the year 2020 and dealt intensively with sustainability in this context. The Hamburg Corporate Governance Code requires reporting for all public companies based in Hamburg. In order to establish a sound basis for TEREG’s sustainability management, the shareholders suggested formulating a comprehensive sustainability strategy. corsus was commissioned with the support, moderation and consulting. The strategy was developed in several workshops with the most important executives of TEREG.

At the beginning of the process, corsus provided the participants with important basics of sustainability such as the Brundtland definition, the Millennium and Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations, the planetary impact limits and the legal framework for sustainability reporting and appropriate standards. The executives addressed the 169 subgoals of the SDGs and identified the goals relevant to the company. These goals were grouped into action areas and evaluated and defined in a materiality matrix.

For the topic areas prioritized in the matrix, corsus conducted an analysis of TEREG’s existing activities and measures and identified gaps and potential for improvement. In addition, results from interviews with members from the shareholder group were integrated. These analyses served as a basis for the executives to develop strategic and operational goals as well as initial key performance indicators and to define them together with the management. Further steps to implement the strategy are the definition and implementation of processes for data collection and for periodically updating the targets and key figures.

Duration: The project started in October 2022. The outlined process for implementation is expected to continue until the end of spring 2023.

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