Studentenwerk SH develops sustainability concept

The Studentenwerk Schleswig-Holstein has launched its first sustainability concept. corsus supported the Studentenwerk SH in the development of the sustainability concept, which contains goals and measures for six fields of action. With the sustainability concept, the Studentenwerk will further integrate sustainability into the daily work of the organisation and show through the implementation of the measures what lived sustainability can look like for a Studentenwerk.

Even before the development of the sustainability concept, the Studentenwerk SH had already implemented many measures to adapt the work of the company to today’s challenges and also the expectations of the students. For example, in catering for students (and staff), the focus has long been on healthy and climate-friendly food. Fair products and the avoidance of food waste are another important aspect of responsible food handling.

The sustainability concept, developed jointly by employees and student representatives, identifies six fields of action that will shape the work of the Studentenwerk in the coming years. The focus is on the fields of action digitalisation, climate protection & climate adaptation, diversity & discrimination, energy efficiency & resource efficiency, education & training and sustainable purchasing. Based on these fields of action, strategic and operational goals including measures were developed that contribute to resource-conserving and future-oriented work. With the creation of a position for “sustainability management”, the development of the concept will now be followed by its implementation. Measures such as the controlling of water or waste quantities or the development of a sustainability guideline for purchasing are being advanced. Digitising work processes and procedures not only saves a lot of paper, but also staff time.

Another important task of the student services is the care and support of students in different life situations. The Studentenwerk SH advocates a non-discriminatory and diverse space where there is room for everyone. As a learning organisation, education and training opportunities for employees are another goal of an attractive employer.

The sustainability concept of the Studentenwerk Schleswig-Holstein and much more information on the topic of sustainability in the Studentenwerk SH can be found on their website:

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