Sustainable Flensburg 2030: Online – Participation for the urban development strategy started.

In 2021, the city council of Flensburg unanimously decided to launch a sustainable urban development strategy and to ask the residents about their vision, ideas and wishes for a just, green and sustainably productive city. corsus supports and advises the city of Flensburg in the development of its sustainability strategy and ensures a meaningful integration of the residents’ concerns with the parallel strategy process.

The first online participation began on June 17 and is the start of a broad-based participation process for the development of the new, sustainable urban development strategy Flensburg 2030. How do the people of Flensburg want to live in the future – how mobile do they want to be, how do they want to live together, where do they want to live and work, how do they want to enjoy the diverse spaces of the city, how do they want to protect the climate and the environment, how do they want to enable a good life for all and fair participation and how do they want to feel good together in their city?

In seven fields of action, including lifelong learning and education, social participation, sustainable mobility, climate and resource protection or sustainable consumption and sustainable business, the people of Flensburg are called upon to contribute their topics and forge ideas. The contributions will be further elaborated in sustainability workshops in September. A steering group, consisting of representatives of the city society, politics and administration, will take them up again for the concretization of the city development strategy. In the course of the strategy development, the residents can repeatedly contribute to the process in numerous other participation formats.

For the City of Flensburg, the basis and reason for the urban development strategy are the global sustainability goals of the United Nations (SDGs) and the New Leipzig Charter. Both highlight the transformative power of cities for the common good. Guardrails or boundaries for the development of the strategy are the preservation of natural livelihoods and life in dignity for all.

For more information on the Flensburg 2030 Urban Development Strategy, click here. You can access the online participation process at If you have any questions about the participation process, please contact the participation experts at polidia GmbH at

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