Common good balance sheet of the city of Stockelsdorf

The city of Stockelsdorf starts its common good balance sheet with a kick-off workshop involving its administration.

Cornerstones of the Common Good Balance Sheet in Municipalities – New Approaches to Urban Development

Dr. Anke Butscher provides insight in her talk at the Deutscher Stadtmarketingtag 2021 on how the Economy for the Common Good can be used in Sustainable Urban Development.

Bremen’s municipal cleaning service starts process to become a common good company

On April 19, the Bremen’s municipal cleaning service starts the process to become a common good company with a kick-off workshop.

Brochure on SDGs and municipal Common Good Balance Sheet published

In implementing sustainability strategies, more and more municipalities are aligning themselves with the United Nations’ Agenda 2030 with its Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). In addition, there are already a number of municipalities that have drawn up a common good balance sheet.

All is well behind the dyke

In the newly published book article “Hinterm Deich wird alles gut”, Dr. Anke Butscher of corsus reports on the balancing process of three municipalities.

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