Weekly menus for sustainable nutrition: eat better planetary culinary

WWF Germany had three weekly menus developed from the results of the study conducted by corsus on the environmental impact of nutrition. For the study “So schmeckt Zukunft. The Culinary Compass for a Healthy Earth“, corsus translated the recommendations of the Eat Lancet Commission into three scenarios for Germany: a flexitarian, a vegetarian and a vegan shopping basket. The LCA study takes into account climate impacts, biodiversity, freshwater scarcity and land use. The corresponding weekly menus from the project “Besseresser:innen planetary-culinary” are available for download in German: Besseresser:innen – die Wochenmenüs | WWF.

Each weekly menu provides colorful suggestions divided into three main meals and two snacks per day. The recipes for sustainable nutrition are varied and easy to prepare. The flexitarian and vegetarian menus also suggest plant-based alternatives to dairy products. Nutritionist Stefanie Wilhelm inspires healthy eating that helps preserve our planet. In Germany, the potential of legumes and nuts in particular is hardly used. The weekly menus give fresh ideas for enjoying lentils, peas, beans and nuts, among other things.

Sustainable shopping and eating habits can help reduce the impact of growing/raising, processing, transporting and storing our food on the planet. Currently, globally, our food systems are exceeding the planet’s stress limits while harming human health. WWF’s weekly menus provide inspiration for responsible food consumption. Their implementation promotes sustainable food systems and can contribute to respecting planetary impact limits. What we put on our plates every day matters a lot. In addition to consuming less meat, using regional organic foods by season additionally reduces the negative environmental impact of food in Germany. Health and enjoyment thus go hand in hand with a sustainable lifestyle.

Have fun with the preparation and bon appétit wishes corsus!

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