Working together for intact nature in and around Hamburg’s waterways: successful integration of interest groups for the large-scale nature conservation project Hamburg, deine Flussnatur

With a series of workshops on the large-scale nature conservation project “Hamburg, deine Flussnatur” (Hamburg, your river nature), corsus has brought together stakeholders from the city to develop effective measures for the near-natural development of Hamburg’s watercourses. The aim is to significantly advance the city’s biotope network in particular, while nature experience and leisure also play an important role.

Watercourses run through the urban area like green-blue veins. Along these arteries, animals and plants find habitats and dispersal areas and people in the city find leisure and recreational opportunities. Hamburg’s watercourses also play an important role for tourism and agriculture.

The large-scale nature conservation project “Hamburg, deine Flussnatur” aims to ecologically develop and enhance selected Hamburg rivers, streams and canals. Among other things, corsus is supporting the large-scale urban nature conservation project in involving the stakeholders and their interests in the development of the measures. To this end, eleven workshops were designed and held in various neighbourhoods, the last of which took place in Altona shortly before Easter. In the workshops, employees from the authorities and districts met with representatives from science, nature conservation organisations, water sports, shipping and agriculture, among others, to set priorities and discuss and supplement the measures proposed by the planning offices. The results are incorporated into the project’s final maintenance and development plans, in which all measures are summarised.

The challenge of preparing over 1,700 draft measures for the workshops in a manageable way and working on them together was successfully mastered in teamwork with the planning offices. This made it possible to discuss even contentious issues objectively and on an equal footing and to reach mutually acceptable solutions. We would like to thank all participants for their pleasant and committed participation.

corsus was commissioned by the Ministry for the Environment, Climate, Energy and Agriculture (BUKEA) to moderate the large-scale nature conservation project “Hamburg, deine Flussnatur”. corsus is carrying out this task in close cooperation with the Elbe Habitat Foundation, which is leading the project. The planning phase of the project will be completed at the end of 2024, followed by a ten-year implementation phase (subject to the approval of funding from the Federal Agency for Nature Conservation). “Hamburg, deine Flussnatur” is characterised by its special character as a large-scale urban nature conservation project, which also has a twin sister on land in Hamburg: the large-scale nature conservation project “Natürlich Hamburg“.

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