corsus exploring the Cape Winelands for CLIF case studies in South Africa

CLIF Case studies South Africa: corsus travels to producers of wine and fish in South Africa for product case studies.

CLIF-Workshop with experts in Thailand

On 10.2.23 Dr. Ulrike Eberle and Nico Mumm moderated the CLIF-workshop with experts in Bangkok.

CLIF-Workshop with South African companies on the most relevant environmental impacts of food

On 7.2.23, Dr. Anke Butscher and Dr. Christina Mumm facilitated the CLIF workshop with fisheries and viticulture companies on environmental impacts of food in South Africa.

New research project to reduce the amount of packaging in food value chains

corsus launches research project InNoPack in cooperation with ÖKOPOL GmbH and plietsch GbR. Behind the acronym is the title of the project, which already provides information about the objective: “Innovative and waste-avoiding system solutions for packaging-free grocery shopping”.

True Cost Accounting (TCA) Networking Event at Biofach 2023.

corsus is participating in the True Cost Accounting (TCA) Networking Event at Biofach 2023 as part of the CLIF project.

Impulse lecture by Ulrike Eberle in the ZNU working group „Sustainable Products“ on concrete recommendations for an eco-label for food products

As part of the digital working group “Sustainable Products” of the Center for Sustainable Corporate Management at Witten/Herdecke University, Ulrike Eberle presented the expert opinion “Climate Label versus Eco-Score” on January 25.

Book of Proceedings of the International Food Life Cycle Assessment Conference 2022 published

The conference proceedings of the International Food Life Cycle Assessment Conference 2022 have been published. corsus is represented with two contributions on environmental impacts of food.

Report on environmental labelling for food published

How should a successful environmental labelling for food be designed?
corsus has prepared an assessment report together with Zühlsdorf + Partner and the KATALYSE Institute.

corsus at COP27: Life cycle assessment is the basis for many assessment approaches

Ulrike Eberle gave a short presentation on the interrelationships between True Cost Accounting (TCA) and Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) to reduce environmental impacts.
“A socio-ecological transformation of food systems is urgently needed. Life Cycle Assessment and True Cost Accounting show where priority action is needed: less animal-based food, more legumes and nuts, more social justice, less food waste and more sustainable agricultural production are the levers. Make sustainable choices easy choices!”

corsus presents project results at the 13th International Conference on Life Cycle Assessment of Food

The International Food Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) Conference 2022 was held in Lima, Peru from October 12-15, 2022. Food LCA experts from all over the world presented the latest research results. The corsus team was also represented at the conference with several presentations: Dr. Ulrike Eberle and Nico Mumm presented in two lectures the results of the Besseresser:innen study, in which corsus determined the environmental impact of nutrition in Germany on behalf of WWF Germany.

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