Climate Score or Environmental Score for Food in Germany: Research and Practice

corsus managing director Dr. Ulrike Eberle gave a presentation on the data basis for a climate or environmental score for food in Germany at the digital theory-practice transfer on 21.4.23.

corsus meetings with fishing associations in South Africa

As part of the CLIF project, corsus held talks in February with business associations in the sardine and deep-sea hake fishing industries in South Africa.

corsus researches for a nutritional transition – project launched to assess the sustainability of alternative protein sources and analogues

corsus coordinates on behalf of the German Federal Environment Agency the recently launched project “Integrated sustainability assessment of alternative protein sources and analogues and transformation pathways of two selected alternatives”.

corsus team visits producers of chicken and sugar in Thailand

CLIF product case studies Thailand: corsus team visits producers of chicken and sugar in Thailand.

corsus exploring the Cape Winelands for CLIF case studies in South Africa

CLIF Case studies South Africa: corsus travels to producers of wine and fish in South Africa for product case studies.

Biofach 2023 – corsus at the world’s leading organic food trade fair

corsus at Biofach 2023: Impressions of life cycle assessment experts Julian Quandt and Thea Kreutzburg from the organic food trade fair in Nuernberg.

CLIF-Workshop with experts in Thailand

On 10.2.23 Dr. Ulrike Eberle and Nico Mumm moderated the CLIF-workshop with experts in Bangkok.

CLIF-Workshop with South African companies on the most relevant environmental impacts of food

On 7.2.23, Dr. Anke Butscher and Dr. Christina Mumm facilitated the CLIF workshop with fisheries and viticulture companies on environmental impacts of food in South Africa.

New research project to reduce the amount of packaging in food value chains

corsus launches research project InNoPack in cooperation with ÖKOPOL GmbH and plietsch GbR. Behind the acronym is the title of the project, which already provides information about the objective: “Innovative and waste-avoiding system solutions for packaging-free grocery shopping”.

True Cost Accounting (TCA) Networking Event at Biofach 2023.

corsus is participating in the True Cost Accounting (TCA) Networking Event at Biofach 2023 as part of the CLIF project.

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