Economic and social sustainability analysis

In order to shape the sustainability impact of companies, municipalities and organizations, a well-founded analysis of the processes is useful. Environmental life cycle assessments and carbon footprints can be used to record environmentally relevant effects, while social life cycle assessments (sLCA), life cycle costing (LCC) and material flow cost accounting (MFCA) can be applied to study economic and social sustainability impacts. With the sLCA the social hotspots of a product or company can be analyzed and evaluated. LCC examines the costs of different projects or products in relation to their entire life cycle. The waste and its impact on material efficiency is analyzed using MFCA. For this purpose, corsus models the material flows with physical values and costs to find both financial and physical optimization approaches.

corsus accompanies and consults companies and organizations to optimize their social impact and economic performance:

  • we identify which methods are suitable for your problem
  • we analyze the social impacts in your supply chain by means of social life cycle assessment (sLCA)
  • we calculate the full costs of a project or product using Life Cycle Costing (LCC)
  • we analyze and optimize your material efficiency using material flow cost accounting (MFCA)