Common Good Balance Sheet

The Economy for the Common Good (ECG) embeds your sustainability reporting in an economic model that is based on values that promote the common good. The cornerstone of the balance sheet is the ECG matrix. The matrix measures the success of your company, municipality or organization based on the underlying values of human dignity, solidarity and justice, ecological sustainability, transparency and co-decision. corsus relates these values to your most important contact and stakeholder groups: Suppliers, owners and financial partners, employees, customers, citizens and fellow companies, and the social environment. The result is an ECG balance sheet. Your sustainability performance is evaluated in a scoring system and your corporate or municipal contribution to the common good is recognized.

  • corsus informs and introduces you to the value-based reporting standard of ECG
  • we accompany and advise companies, municipalities and organizations in the entire accounting and reporting process
  • we carry out full or compact balance sheets in an individual balance sheet or in peer evaluation