Life cycle assessment and carbon footprint

If you want to make your products and processes or your company, your municipality or your organization more environmentally friendly and want to know which levers are particularly important for this purpose, then carrying out a life cycle assessment or carbon footprint assessment is exactly the right thing to do. With us, you can also be sure that our recommendations always look far beyond the scope of a life cycle assessment or carbon footprint and take other potential sustainability impacts into account.

  • corsus carries out product life cycle assessments for you according to ISO 14040/44,
  • calculates product carbon footprints according to ISO 14067 or Greenhouse Gas Protocol,
  • calculates your product water footprint according to ISO 14046 or,
  • calculates your corporate carbon footprint according to ISO 14064 or Greenhouse Gas Protocol,
  • calculates your municipal carbon footprint according to the Greenhouse Gas Protocol (Standard for Cities).
  • We can also assess the impact on biodiversity in the product life cycle assessment or in an ecological footprint for your site.
  • In addition, we offer to carry out critical reviews for life cycle assessments or carbon footprints that you have carried out yourself in-house or for which you have commissioned a service provider.