Sustainability analysis and assessment

Products, services, processes and organizations are increasingly measured by the extent to which they contribute to sustainable development.

To this end, we draw on our unique know-how in science and consulting. We analyze your products or services along the entire value and supply chain or carry out the analysis for your company. Our assessment criteria are the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations, which set the framework for sustainable development worldwide. For analysis and evaluation, we use scientifically recognized methods such as life cycle assessment (LCA) or the SDG Evaluation of Products (SEP) evaluation method and use these as a basis to show you where your levers for more sustainability lie.

  • corsus carries out sustainability analyses and evaluations for products, services, processes and organizations for you or supports you in carrying them out yourself,
  • we show you optimization potentials and support you in integrating them into your sustainability strategy and defining measures for implementation,
  • together with our network partners we develop customized communication and marketing concepts for you to adequately communicate and market your sustainability services.