Sustainability Reporting

Many companies in the EU are required by the European CSR Directive to report and disclose so-called “non-financial” information. But even if you are not required to report, it is still worthwhile to systematically address the sustainability aspects of your company or organization. Systematically addressing sustainability helps you to identify the risks and opportunities you face. The sustainability report enables you to communicate your sustainability performance and effects in a transparent manner. External stakeholders are empowered to recognize the true value of your organization as well as tangible and intangible assets. You can show how you influence sustainable development and what your contribution to more sustainability will be.

corsus supports you in the entire reporting process:

  • Together with you, we develop the reporting structure including goals and indicators according to one of the recognized standards (German Sustainability Code – DNK, Global Reporting Initiative – GRI, Economy for the Common Good – ECG)
  • we text and design your report together with our network partners.